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Find the perfect ukulele chords!

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Need help finding the perfect chords for your ukulele? Enter UkulelechordsCompass. This ukulele learning software will show you hundreds of chords for all ukulele types and sizes, as well as for all the common ukulele tunings (our default setting is Soprano Standard, the most popular ukulele type). UkuleleChordsCompass supports both right-handed and left-handed players. It is compatible with the GarageBand smart instruments and has adjustable volume and retina graphics.

UkuleleChordsCompass can show you all the ukulele chords you can possibly make! You can see them as music notes and also as positions on its virtual ukulele fretboard. Select any chord you want by choosing a key on the left, a chord type in the middle and an addition on the right, and the app will show you all the available chords of this type in any given position on the ukulele fretboard. Click on the fretboard to change positions. Listen to all the chords with authentic ukulele sound!

UkuleleChordsCompass offers you one of the easiest way to learn how to play ukulele, as you explore the ukulele chords and familiarize yourself with their notes and fretboard positions. You can also save any chords you want for your future ukulele practice sessions, as well as create your own ukulele sheet music for your favorite songs. Just Drag&Drop your chords into an editing program and save them as documents!
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