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Play and learn music instrument chords with photos!

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Handy Chords will help you figure out the right chords for your music. 7 instruments to choose from, full range of chords and authentic sound for each instrument! Instrument-specific music notes or chord diagrams, as well as pictures of finger positions for your selected chords! Switch instruments with just one tap on your screen!

Are you right- or left-handed? Select your preference in the app Settings. Keep in mind that piano chords can be played with either hand, depending on the music piece.

Tap on the Instrument button and select your instrument. Next, select your chord (the key and the type of chord). Tap the Play button. Handy Chords will also show you this chord as music notes (for piano) or as chord diagrams (for string instruments), as well as the finger position for this chord on your instrument.

Try out all kinds of chords on the same instrument, or tap the Instrument button and switch to a different one!

Handy Chords also allows you to create your own chord sequences for your instrumental pieces or for your practice sessions. After you choose your instrument, select the first chord and tap the plus sign. Add your next chord and tap the plus sign again. Keep adding chords until you have your desired sequence. The app allows you to change the order of the chords in your sequence. You can also transpose your sequence up or down, if you are planning on singing along with your instrumental piece.

Explore the chords on 7 instruments with Handy Chords! Download it now! Or please try our FREE version of Handy Chords Lite!

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