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Improve the sight reading of the violin notes!

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Are you learning to play violin? Need help finding notes on your violin? How about reading sheet music and matching the notes on paper with the notes on your instrument? Violin Notes Finder can help you do all this! Learn the notes at your own pace and improve your music-reading skills, using this app just a few minutes a day!

Violin Notes Finder has 2 modes: Find Note and Training. You can adjust your training range, as well as the volume, in Settings.

If you just want to explore violin notes or learn a few notes, select Find Note and move your finger up or down the virtual music sheet to find the note you need. You will also see bright dots on the virtual violin, showing you where to find this note on your instrument. You can also do this in reverse and tap different strings on the virtual violin, and the notes on the virtual music sheet will change accordingly. If you want to hear what your note sounds like, tap it. Play different notes and try to remember what they look like on paper, as well as their positions on your violin.

Would you like to test your knowledge of violin notes? Tap Training, then tap Start and guess what note the app is showing you on the virtual violin. Can you guess what note it is? Play as long as you want, then tap Stop to finish the game. Measure your progress every time you play by tapping Show Results.

Enjoy learning violin notes with Violin Notes Finder! Download it now!

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