APP 120 Bass Chords

For some users, playing guitar can be more than just a pastime, as it can also be used to make a living.

Regardless of the purpose (entertainment or work), if you want to improve your skills and learn to play bass a mass of other songs, you can take advantage of 120BassChords.

APP Bass Chords Lite

The app will teach you how to play bass by providing you with sound samples and useful visual guides

Although the bass guitar is not in the spotlight at concerts, it is responsible for the whole song, and you can not do without it when it comes to acoustic music.

The history of the creation of bass

The modern world of music is hard to imagine without such a musical instrument as a bass guitar.

This unique instrument is used at almost every concert.

A competent choice of synthesizer

It is safe to say that the most popular and popular musical instrument is a synthesizer

, without which no disco and recording studio, instrumental group or creator of modern music can do without.

Which guitar to choose

This question is born in the head of every person who

at one point decided to take up this tool. On this issue for many years pores geniuses of human


260 years ago, one of the greatest geniuses of world

musical culture Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. Indeed, in all history we will not find an example of such a startlingly early manifestation of musical genius.

APP Ukulele Notes Finder

Ukulele is often associated with exotic songs and Hawaii,

although in fact it resembles a Portuguese instrument - a machete.

APP Piano Notes Finder

Learning to play the piano is not an easy task, especially if you are just starting

out and have to learn the appropriate notes for each instrument key.

Learning to play the guitar

About guitar in brief

Let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful instrument. I will not delve into the story, as all this you can find on the Internet with ease, opening at least Wikipedia.