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Bass Guitar Chromatic Tuner

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Tune your bass guitar fast! Our high-precision tuner is easy to use! It allows you to listen to every string you are tuning, as well as compare it to the pitch you are tuning it to and adjust the sound with the help of our chromatic tuner (center of the app window)!

* Chromatic tuner with audio-input and microphone support,
* Tone generator with authentic bass guitar sounds,
* Automatic repeating of the playing sounds,
* 11 pitches modes:

– Baroque,
– Scientific,
– France1859,
– New Philharmonic,
– Concert Pitch,
– Boston Symphony Orchestra,
– New Berliner Philarmoniker,
– Moscow Theater,
– Old Berliner Philharmoniker,
– Old Philharmonic,
– Renaissance.

* Retina display support.

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