120 Guitar Chords
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How to play guitar chords!

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120 Guitar Chords offers you one of the easiest ways to learn to play guitar. With its 120 easy guitar chords, you can play all of your favorite guitar songs! Learn about guitar note charts, guitar frets and guitar fingering with the help of this app. You can also create your own guitar charts to accompany easy guitar songs!

Our user-friendly interface with retina support is designed both for right-handed and left-handed guitar players (Select your preference in the Settings. While there, you can also adjust the volume). Now, select a chord. You will need to select a key and a chord type.

The app will show you your chord as guitar notes, guitar frets and as guitar pictures showing finger positions on a guitar fretboard. Push Play and listen to your chord with an authentic acoustic guitar sound. Play around with the chords, use them for your guitar practice, make your own easy guitar lessons and create your own guitar chord sequences for your favorite songs or your own compositions!

You can Drag & Drop those chord sequences into your documents or save them in the app as Favorites. The app allows you to save as many sequences as you want, or delete the ones you don’t need anymore. You can also play around with your sequences, change the order of the chords within any sequence or transpose your sequence up or down to accommodate your singing voice.

Have fun with this guitar learning software! Download 120 Guitar Chords now!
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