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Does your child play a musical instrument? Does he or she enjoy practicing and keeping tempo? No? Let us help you change that with MetroGnome Lite! This free Interactive metronome app turns keeping tempo into a fun game with cartoon characters and sound effects.

The visual and sound effects of this metronome software can be used together or separately.
For visual effects-only play, mute the sound and watch a cute gnome move his eyes to the beat and a bee land on his nose with the first beat of every measure, or follow the row of bees above his head that represent a measure (the first beat of the measure is represented by the bee with fluttering wings).

For audio-only play, turn off the visual effects. The gnome will close his eyes and the row of bees will disappear. The sound of a crystal bell will announce the first beat of every measure, and the tick-tock of the classic metronome sound will count out the rest of the beats.

Of course, the game gets a lot more fun with both the visual and sound effects used together to help your child with metronome training!

This metronome software allows your child to use either Largo or Adagio musical rhythm (the full version of this app also has Andante, Moderato, Allegro and Presto), set the number of beats per minute and beats per measure.
MetroGnome Lite makes metronome training a child’s play!

Download MetroGnome Lite now! Try our full version of MetroGnome!

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