Mandolin Chords Lite app

How to learn to play the mandolin on your own!

A usable app that will allow you to learn how to play mandolin, write songs and learn chords.
MandolinChordsLite is an easy-to-use program that has been developed for people who want to learn how to play mandolin on their own. The app will be useful for both beginners and musicians with mandolin experience: you can learn, practice and write music.

Comprehensive study
MandolinChordsLite is suitable for beginner musician and anyone else who wants to learn how to play mandolin. This application will give you the opportunity to learn music theory by depicting chords on individual buttons at the top of the main window. When you click on a chord, it plays back. In addition, you can see tabs and where points, which strings need to be clamped to extract the same sound. In addition, this program has images of the correct position of fingers relative to the vulture for each chord.

Intuitive creator of music tables
This program can help you write your own musical compositions by adding notes to a music table that can be saved and played at any time. In addition, you can edit them at any time and change or tone, or completely change the chords.
Moreover, each, created in this way, the musical table can fit the range of your voice, if you plan to accompany yourself.You can find out more about the program HERE.

Learn, practice, teach others
With the mandolinchordsLite tools you need to learn, you can go from a beginner to a skilled musician in a very short time.
In addition to this, each graphic scheme or image you can save on your device by capturing the image. In this way, you can create your own personal music course with chord theory for mandolin.

You can watch the video on youTube how the program works.

Download text as PDF file.

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