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Easiest way to learn and play mandolin!

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If you want to learn how to play the mandolin or discover a greater variety of chords, Mandolin Chords Lite is perfect for you. This free app offers all the major types of chords for mandolin, frets and picture with position of fingers on the fretboard.

If you need more chords, including less used and rare chords, upgrade the application to its full version, 120MandolinChords!

MandolinChordsLite is designed for both right-handed and left-handed, has a volume control option and graphics with very high resolution. You have the ability to play any of the basic chords with authentic sound of mandolin, learning chords as you move, or creating your own chord series for your favorite songs, or for practising. You can also change the tone of your collected chord rows to accommodate your vocal range

Select the desired tone, and MandolinChordsLite will show you the corresponding chord in three ways: in the form of musical notes, fret diagrams, and colorful pictures with the positions of the fingers on the fretboard oft he mandolin.

Discover variety of chords! Listen to them with the real mandolin sound, create your own chord rows, change the order of the chords in your chord rows at any time! You have the option to save the chords in your documents by dragging them using Drag & Drop, or in application in the Favorites section! You have the option to save as many chord rows as you need, or delete the ones you do not need. Do not forget about the possibility of changing the tone to make it easier to sing!

Good luck with MandolinChordsLite! Download the app now!

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  1. Alan Gelman

    Yesterday I downloaded the Mandolin cord white app for my mobile phone. About 30 minutes ago I paid $4.99 for the faulk app on my desktop computer. I assumed that since I had purchased the full program I could now download the full program onto my iPhone as well, but I see there’s a $2.99 charge to do that. Since I already bought the program for my desktop it’s reasonable to assume as it many casesthat I could also download and SHARE The full program to my iPhone and delete the Mandolin cord LITE application and replace it with the FULL ONE.Am I wrong about that? Why would I have to buy the full application a second time for $2.99 just to get it on my iPhone. Now if you can tell me How to bypass that $2.99 charge to download it to my iPhone I’d appreciate that. And if I can’t and you want to charge me another three dollars to put it on my iPhone as well as my desktop you’re going to have one pretty pissed off customer

    • Dear Alan, we would like to do that, but we can’t, because the “Mac App Store” and “iOS App Store” are to separated stores. If you have an example of any app which can be purchased at the way you mentioned above, please let us know and we will investigate it.

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