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Tune your ukulele fast and precisely!

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How do you tune a ukulele? Easily, if you use the Ukulele Tuner, an app with a precise chromatic tuner, audio input and microphone support. Ukulele Tuner will help you tune your ukulele and adjust the tuning of individual strings, using authentic ukulele sound for each of the strings as a guide.

In order to start tuning your ukulele, select your preferred pitch mode from the list. The four buttons on the bottom of the app window correspond to four ukulele strings. Each will play the sound for a perfectly tuned ukulele string.

If you want to make the tuning process easier, use the Repeat Mode. It allows you to do most or the tuning without taking your hands off your ukulele. As the name implies, Repeat Mode repeats the sound of your selected string.

The chromatic tuner in the middle of the app window will automatically check the tuning of the string you are working on. You can also use it to fine-tune the strings. If your string is perfectly tuned, the chromatic tuner will flash green. If the tuner is flashing red, your string needs additional tuning. It will even tell you if the string needs to be adjusted up or down: if the arrow on the left side flashes red, your string is too low and it needs to be adjusted up. And the other way around: if the arrow on the right side flashes red, your string sounds too high and needs to be tuned down. Continue tuning the string until the tuner flashes green, then, proceed to the next one and keep going until your ukulele is perfectly tuned. Now, enjoy playing it!
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