Stock exchange-analyzing app

Aurochs will help you research stocks of different companies, find the stocks you need, and fine-tune your trading strategy with the help of a simulator.

Aurochs features:
· Built-in indicators, such as RSI, ADX, DMI, OSMA, MACD, Chaikin Oscillator, etc.
· The ability to develop custom indicators and experts using JavaScript;
· A variety of filters that help you find the right shares;
· A Simulator tool that helps you fine-tune your trading strategy and test it step by step;
· Candle Guru that automatically recognizes many candlestick patterns;
· Lists of companies included in the most popular indices (NASDAQ, Dow Jones, etc.);
· Instant online access to information about various companies on multiple financial news websites;
· Import of data from MetaTrader and MetaStock, and many more features that will be useful to all traders, both amateurs and professionals.
Check out our “How-To” tutorial on YouTube!

What’s New in Version 1.3
· MetaStock MASTER file Import
· Impuls System
· Introduction
· Extended Internet Info with a progress bar
· Small GUI changes
· Retina Support
· Promotion widgets
· Reduced app size gives you 7 MB more space on your Mac for other apps, music, etc,
· Loading of the SYM-Files

  • Automatic recognition  of candlestick patterns

What’s New in Version 1.3.1
Bugs fixed
– fixed shares suggestion dialog
– fixed some not appeared web infos
– Improved “Share” and “Like/Join Us” functionality.
– Cross promotion banner that you can close.
– Added video tutorial.
– Reduced app size.



  1. Arief Budisatria

    Dear Support

    The fist time i bought this software i can update price by yahoo finance but today i don’t know why it can’t update so please advise me how to update price by yahoo finance thx for attention

    Arief Budisatria

    • Dear Arief,
      the support of Aurochs has ended on december 31 2016.

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