App software “120GuitarChords”

Virtual guitar chord teacher!

A creative and intuitive app that gives you the opportunity to learn how to play guitar by learning musical notes and their positions.
Mastering a musical instrument such as a guitar requires tremendous patience and practice. The 120GuitarChords program was created to simplify this task. It will allow you to learn musical notes.

Exploring musical theory

The program displays the chords you can play with the guitar in separate cells, among which you can choose the necessary and analyze it.
The chord you select is shown as images, such as tabs or diagrams with dots in which you need to clamp the strings. What’s more, this app teaches you how to put your hand and fingers right. In addition, each chord is played by the program so realistically that it is difficult to distinguish it from the played live guitar.

Creator of musical schemes

120GuitarChords displays the correct hand position relative to the guitar, taba and circuits for certain notes. This will help you to easily learn all the features and subtleties of the notes. In addition, you can combine different notes and create music sheets that can then be played on your computer.
This attribute gives you the opportunity to create your own compositions and adapt their tone to your voice, if you plan to accompany yourself. Each musical scheme created in this way can be saved for later use, edited, or deleted.

Portable music teacher

120GuitarChords can help you learn how to play guitar with musical notes and schematic chord images. The fact that the app can be installed on a mobile phone is one of its advantages.
You can read more about the program and download it here.
Or watch a detailed video of how to use the program on youTube.

Download text as PDF file.

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