Alarm Clock 4 Dock

How to set the alarm on your computer!

Clock which allows to set the alarms and to show the time in the dock, on the desktop and adjust the position, transparency level, size and more.


– “I like. Because it is very simple and straightforward. In the style of Apple. Just put in the dock.”-BesPro from Russian Federation
– “definitely worth it! huge + is the ’round’ clock design. it really looks awesome!”-Aokone from Sweden about AlarmClock4Dock
– “This alarm is just right. It is to the point and very easy to use. I love the analog face on the dock. Being there on the Dock is a good place for it to be.”-Molly and Daniel from United States.
New in version 1.8
– Replaced the old dialog with new disigned dialog,
– All dialog settings take effect immediately while value changing,
– Added the new possibility to add the clock to the desktop with customisable settings,
– Added the new feedback options: share and email,
– Added privacy policy, support web page, cross promotion and info dialog.

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  1. michael dunning

    1- Does the clock float?
    2- can multiple alarms be set such as each hour?

  2. Dear Michael,
    1 – Currently the clock has tow faces.
    2 – Currently only one alarm can be set.
    We can implement more clock faces and more numbers of alarms. We need to know if it is really wished by users. We would appreciate the feedback of every one what should we extend in the app. Thank you.

  3. Jan

    Not loud enough … I can’t hear it from the other side of the room and I also cannot hear it when playing music …

  4. Thank you Jan, for your feadback, we will do it in the next update louder.

  5. Preston Knepper

    The new update has a fault in that it hangs up my Face Book pages. It will not let me “X” out of a picture when directed by FB to another window. I have to quit the app. to get back to the previous page. I am using a Mac using the current operating system.

    • Thank you Preston, for this report. To be able to find out what happens we need to reproduce it in out environment. Please, provide us more detailed information. Do you mean FaceBook-Web page or it happens with all other Web-Pages? Is it possible that the clock on the desktop overlaps the the web-browser-window? In this case you need to shift the the clock or the browser window or change the mode “Alway on top” in the clock settings.

  6. Are you planning to update this app so it works with the latest MacOS?

    • Dear Linda, yes it is on our to-do list.

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