120 Piano Chords
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How to play piano chords!

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Have you always wanted to learn how to play piano but felt that it would be too complicated? Have no fear, even classical musicians had to start somewhere. You can learn how to play piano chords!

120 Piano Chords has all the basic chords to play beginner piano music, as well as more advanced piano chord charts! Whether you want to learn classical piano, blues piano or synthesizers, 120 Piano Chords is a good start! You will learn about music notes and sheet music, piano chord charts and piano fingering, as well as how to create your own chord charts to accompany your favorite songs.

Our easy-to-use interface with retina support allows you to adjust the volume, choose the right-hand chords or left-hand chords. Select the chords you want to try and you can see them as piano music notes, as keyboard chords and as photos showing you the finger positions on a piano keyboard. You can play your selected chords with an acoustic piano sound, create piano chord charts for your own pieces and Drag&Drop them into your documents. Or save those chord charts in the app as Favorites, add as many sequences as you want or delete them as needed. Transpose those keyboard chords up or down to suit your singing range! Change the order of the chords in your chord chart any way you want!

120PianoChords is available now for GooglePlay, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

Try our FREE version of Piano Chords Lite!

Have fun learning piano chords and play piano today! Download 120 Piano Chords now!

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Hello and welcome to 120 Piano Chords!
This app will help you figure out the right chords for your piano pieces, show you how to find them on a piano keyboard, and will help you create your own chord sequences.
Let’s start with the Settings. Here, you can choose to see the chords for the left hand or the right hand. You can also adjust the volume.
Now, let’s select a chord, they key and the type of chord. You will see the pictures of what this chord looks like on music sheets, on piano keyboard, and you will also see where your fingers need to go to make this chord. Now, let’s play it1
If you want to save this chord in a document, Drag & Drop it into any editing program.
You can also create chord sequences. Select a chord, then click on the plus sign. Add your next chord. Click the plus sign again. Keep going until you have your desired sequence. You can change the order of the chords, or transpose the chords to suit your singing range. Now, if you want to save this sequence, click Favorites, Save, type in a name for your sequence, done! That’s it! Have fun with 120 Piano Chords!

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  1. Question:

    If I buy for my Mac can I use it on my iPad also or do I have to order one for each?


    • “App Store” and “Mac App Store” are two separated stores, that is why you need to order each App separately.

      • Jeff Osborne


        I hope all is well with you and your family.

        I like this new Piano App. and I noticed on some of the videos that your Keyboard lights up the Keys that go with the chords to be played. That’s a very nice thing to have to help memorize everything.

        Where can I buy one of those Lighted Keyboards like the one showing on your videos?


        I appreciate it,

        Jeff Osborne

        • Dear Jeff. You can find these keyboards for example on Amazon.

  2. Nancy Brewer


    I would like to know when you will add, for example, F#m7(11) chords, and the like.


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