Violin is an instrument for the soul!

Violin is the most delicate instrument that can touch the deepest human senses. It is difficult to say when it originated and where its roots lead. The modern design of the violin, such as it is known and revered by millions of listeners, performers and craftsmen around the world, was formed in the 16th century. At the same time it is worth noting that the images of instruments, only remotely resembling a violin, refer to the beginning of our era! Now, the violin is one of the most sought-after instruments in academic and contemporary music.

Violin in modern man, most often, associated with no one other than with Niccolo Paganini. Paganini was indeed, a kind of revolutionary of violin performing techniques of the time. By the way, he also played guitar. It was she who helped him to achieve such successes and gain the glory of a virtuoso. Owning the techniques of playing the guitar, he transferred them to the violin, extracting from the fragile body of the instrument the impossible! Paganini said, “I am the king of the violin, and the guitar is my queen.” Centuries later, this name has become a household name and descends from the mouths of people.

Such technical capabilities are no longer uncommon. A huge number of violinists around the world play the maestro’s works, record discs, and more recently – records, give concerts. The school of the game has changed. The violin itself has also changed. The digital revolution has not bypassed it, giving rise to grandiose experiments and no less grandiose inventions.

Perhaps, from the main varieties of this instrument it is worth to distinguish the usual, that is, acoustic violin and electric violin. Differences in the shapes of the electro violin body do not bear any changes in the quality of sound, and can only change for the sake of visual beauty. All “work” as well as on electric guitar, here depends on the sound engineers and other devices, called among musicians “buttons”, which can give the sounds completely different colors and special effects.

Do not think that the end result of playing the violin, whether electric or acoustic, depends on external factors – gadgets, amplifiers and other things. The violin is not so diverse in its shapes and designs, but the volume of possibilities – technical, timbre, sound – is simply amazing! And to master each of its face, it will take long hours, days and years of training. Both with and without the tool. Not only fluency in the fingers is inherent in great creators, but also depth is soulful. Depth of thought. The depth of the mind.

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