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Improve the sight reading of the ukulele notes!

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Ukulele Notes Finder offers you one of the simplest way to master ukulele. Note Explorer mode will teach you how to read notes just for a few minutes a day. There is also a mode for advanced learners called Note trainer. The application for mastering ukulele contains the whole range of ukulele notes with its authentic sound (you will be able to tune your ukulele listening to these sounds).

The application offers modes for bass clefs such as recording of tones with sharp and flat keys, letters (A, B, C) and solfegic language (do, re, mi) with sound level tuning. User-friendly interface supports Retina displays.

Note Explorer mode demonstrates notes for the ukulele and will be useful for both beginners and advanced musicians. Press the button Find Note to search for and study notes on a virtual note sheet, moving your cursor up and down. At the same time, blue points on the ukulele virtual fingerboard will show you the location of these notes on the instrument itself. Or you can do it this way: just press different frets on the ukulele fingerboard until you find the note you need. It will also show up on the note sheet. Listen to various notes and try to remember their location on the ukulele fingerboard.

If you know some notes already, try the Note trainer mode. To activate this mode, press Training and then Start. Do not forget to look at the ukulele fingerboard. The blue point on the fingerboard is the note you must guess. This training is not limited in time, but requires quick response. Anyway, the more you train, the more experienced you become! Bass Notes Trainer feature will assess results after each training session and show your weak and strong sides. You can compare your current results with the previous ones, assess your note reading and learning progress as well as challenge yourself and break your own last record!

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