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David Garrett-miracle violinist

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Do you believe in reincarnation? For a long time I didn’t believe in this nonsense. But after I heard the brilliant play of modern violinist David Garrett, I believed. And I was even convinced that Nicclo Paganini himself was resurrected in a new body before us. Too many coincidences …
And the more David’s biography and violin play showed up, the more convincing it is that nature and the sky once again gave the world a miracle. And this miracle occurred in 1980 in Germany in the city of Aachen.

It is surprising that many sides of the life of the great virtuoso violinist and modern David coincide almost one to one. However, already in modern refraction. After all, it was two hundred years ago. The state culture of the former Italy and modern Germany is incomparable. Yes, and David’s parents are financially well-off people. His father is a successful lawyer. He was born in Germany and is engaged in the sale of violins. He is very authoritarian and is very demanding in educating children. His mother is a well-known Ballerina, who was born in America. Many say that she is crazy about cleanliness and David has of his mother, the love of cleanliness and order inherited.

David, like Niccolo, also has an older brother, who was also specifically bought an Instrument, so he starts playing violin. David was only four years old. When he saw with his brother this unusually beautiful Instrument, which retrieves so unusually beautiful sounds, the child became very enviable and wanted to have this new toy, when he thought it was a toy. I do not want to tell what quarrel has happened between the brothers, how many tears were shed by the little disciple and on what decision the parents comb, but David has won. And this decision was made only when he played all the notes that were given to the oldest brother at home without a single mistake before, from the first time and at one stroke. So he surprised not only his parents, but also his older brother, who could not close his mouth before Wonder.

Today, in memory of this time, David told that as a child he tried to support his older brother. And it is quite possible, if the brother had played piano, he would also like to play on it. And the fact that he can play the violin, he owes his brother.

Now I will tell the story of the boy and the violin.

After he began to learn the violin almost as a toddler, about a year of the child which age didn’t reach five years, he was invited to participate in various musical competitions. Listeners, who find his Talent fascinating, wanted to watch this little miracle more and more. When he left the stage generously, nobody wanted to let him off the stage. Who knows, perhaps it was this warm attitude that played a positive role in the talent development of young violinist. Apparently, then he realized that playing the violin brings not only joy for himself, but also for people. Maybe, he decided then to devote his life to playing the violin. From now on, the violin became an Instrument of transmission of his voice and thoughts. There was a wonderful connection of related souls, thanks to which geniuses are born.

But the essence of this genius lies in the tireless work on yourself and the mastery of the virtuoso on the Instrument. And after all, it takes 5-6 hours a day. And, what is most important, gives the young violinist great joy and burning desire to comprehend all the subtleties and nuances of musical skills. He saved neither his time nor his power . You can understand an adult in his quest to master his profession and become better, but this is about a little boy. Almost a toddler. This phenomenon cannot be explained If one does not consider reincarnation. The return of the spirit of Niccolo Paganini in his face … Perhaps it is so easier to explain the rapid rise of popularity (David Garret)…

In seven years, David is already studying at the conservatory. Together with the general education subjects, the music grades are still learned and under the guidance of experienced teachers one understands the secret of violin playing. In eight years he played Solo with world famous symphonic orchestras. At the age of ten years David has been studying in the class of the Professor of the Cologne Conservatory with the legendary teacher for violin Zakhar Nukhimovich Bron. Among his teachers are not only Zakhar Bron, but also the great performers Isaac Stern and Ida Haendel. They knew very well that all the seeds of knowledge they gave David diligently and patiently stuck in fertile soil.

In all these years David does not listen to the Concert Activities. Its popularity is growing and spreading. He is not only the possession of his country, but also the Owners of the whole of Europe. In ten years he played Solo at a concert with the Symphoniker Hamburg. In eleven years at the personal invitation of President BDR Richard von Weizsäcker he gave a concert at Villa Hammerschmidt. And as a sign of recognition of his talent, personally from the hands of the president gets an invaluable gift, the violin Stradivari.

In thirteen years, David is the youngest violinist, with the German company “Deutsche Grammaphon” has concluded an exclusive contract. In sixteen years, the orchestra of the Munich Philharmonic in Delhi and Bombay will perform at concerts dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary of India’s independence…
In nineteen years David joins the Juilliard School of New York City in the music class of Professor Itzhak Perlman. Here, for the development of the composer’s talent, David learned the subtleties of musicology and composition. From now on he has two places where he lives: in America and Germany. He is very rarely found at home. Too tight is the schedule of his concerts around the world. He has millions of Fans and everyone is waiting for a real miracle when David Garret comes on stage. He is tall and has blonde Harre and with a bow swinging will fill the room with enchanting and penetrating sounds of music.

The catchy look of David distinguishes it from an Idol, the always cloudy and gloomy Niccolo Paganini. There’s another difference. He is the director of classical music in the youth environment. At the beginning of the concert he begins with modern music and then gradually changes to the classics. He played: Vivaldi Concerto la Moll for violin, Violin Concerto with Tchaikovsky Orchestra and of course Paganini. According to David, every virtuoso violinist has to learn to play works of the great Maestro, for this it is necessary to concentrate completely on music, only then its technique will be good enough, and it will be performance of great geniuses of music: Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky …

To be closer to the youth and to teach them to love classical music, he has realized his long-standing dream: to create a music project for young children in the BBC program. Where it was the first time to show the possibilities of the instrument, played “the flight of Hummel” by Russian composer Rimski-Korsakov. He played at such a fast pace that he immediately entered the Guinness Book as the fastest, most virtuoso and most technical violinist in the world . It is not a mere coincidence that at his concerts most the young people are there.Which pleases him very much.

Eugen Schlee


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