The history of the creation of bass

Why they created a bass guitar

The modern world of music is hard to imagine without such a musical instrument as a bass guitar. This unique instrument is used at almost every concert. Without the use of a bass concert, it would hardly become a real place for fans of live music. Do you know what the name of the instrument that existed before the appearance of bass – guitar? How did the light know about the bass? What are the reasons for its creation? Who created this wonderful and unique musical instrument? These are the questions that are of interest to fans of real music.

Has anyone heard of a musical instrument like double bass? The double bass is the main for bass instruments and the largest acoustic instrument, which is believed to belong to the family of violins. The musical instrument was used as the main bass instrument. Also, double bass was used in the 20th century in various ensembles. Along with its positive qualities, double bass had a number of drawbacks, such as: bulky dimensions, huge weight, flooring, vertical, and lack of constructive execution. The undoubted disadvantage was that the frets were absent from the vulture, and it was quiet.

The popularity of jazz in the 20-30s of the last century was gaining momentum. Along with jazz, the spread of cars began to increase, which increased the mobility of ensembles. It is impossible not to recall the emergence of technology to increase electro-sound, i.e. the demand was a musical instrument that could replace an inconvenient double bass. This was the beginning of trials on the creation of such a musical miracle, but the first attempts were failures.

Also, at the same time was made bass mandolin, called Gibson Mando-Bas, but it was produced only 18 years (only until 1930). Paul Tutmark is an American musician and industrialist. He created the electro-bass guitar AudioVox No. 736. She had the finishing touches of the current bass guitar, that is, she had a vulture and frets were arranged horizontally and had a wooden body.

It is also worth mentioning Leo Fender, who made a significant contribution to the creation of the bass guitar. Leo Fender – American industrialist, invented the bass guitar “Prestige” in 1951. It was made on the basis of his own electric guitar “Telecaster.” “Prestige” was the most successful invention of Leo, which quickly gained popularity among musical instruments. The designs of this musical miracle have become the foundation for the production of bass guitars. A little later, the phrase “bass fender” appeared symbolic for the bass guitar. Leo Fender didn’t stop there. In 1960, he produced an improved bass guitar called Jas Bass. It became no less popular from its predecessor.

For several years, Fender was the dominant producer of bass guitars, until rival firms began to develop their own bass guitars. The very first type of bass guitar, which was manufactured by the German firm Hofner in 1955. It was a semi-acoustic bass guitar that had a violin shape. A little later, this prototype became popular only because it became the choice of Paul McCartney (the famous bass player from the Beatles) as the main instrument. Many companies began to produce their own bass guitars, including the famous Gibson Company, which produced various types of bass electric guitars called “SG” and “Les Paul”.

These above-mentioned people have turned the music world upside down. Thanks to their enthusiasm and interest in the development of music technology, and love of music, the world has received many types of bass guitars, the sound of which listeners enjoy to this day.

In the 60th century, when rock music began to appear, the bass guitar was able to become the most used musical instrument. This was the beginning for the emergence of new guitars, such as: acoustic, fretless (these two types have a greater number of strings), the emergence of guitars in which electronica is built, the absence of a vulture head, doubled or built strings. It is impossible not to mention the development of technology with playing bass. The thing is that from the guitar went borrowing – lift and taping, which served as the emergence of a specific technique for bass, the types of which are the game of flagoletami slap.

In conclusion, the following factor is that the bass guitar is not a guitar. She got her name because of similarities and external signs. This is a great difference between these two unique musical instruments that have turned the world of music. Of course, it is difficult to imagine the current music without their participation. For fans of rock music bass guitar has become an indispensable instrument that allows you to create real miracles on the stage.

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