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How to direct your child to music

Many parents express a desire to send their child to music school, so that the child became part of the beautiful music world and joined him.

And such aspiration is certainly correct. Regardless of whether the child will play in the orchestra in the future or not, psychologists note many useful qualities, the development of which is facilitated by music. Children become smarter, more confident and, accordingly, more responsible in relation to the tasks set and other people around them. Among other things, they “activate” the rest of the abilities and talents, which will give the opportunity to succeed in certain school subjects.

However, if the parents decided to take such a responsible step, the introduction to the “correct” music should take place almost with diapers (best of all during the perinatal development of the fetus in the womb, which will listen to the classics). After all, as experts say, the earlier to identify and develop the musical talent of the baby, the more likely that he will not have to force him to attend music lessons.

To this end, child psychologists as well as music teachers have developed a system of recommendations for those adult relatives of the child who wish to direct him on the musical path:

1. Own example.
Surely in every house there were some musical instruments that were used by parents, often a guitar. If the “owners” have not forgotten how to play, you can attract children to try to play on their own. If there are no instruments, you can buy a simple children’s guitar or drums in the children’s store. Now even children’s pianos are sold.

2. Listening to music.
During any household chores (cooking, sewing, knitting) it is worth including light classical music. Loudness should be quiet and well perceived by the baby. It is important for the mother herself to listen to music before the baby is born. It will help for self-calming and in the development of the baby’s nervous system, harmony of the overall formation of the body.

3. “A heart-to-heart conversation.”
You’re not going to be nice. Therefore, it is impossible to enroll a primary school student in a music school on his own. First, you need to talk to him, before that systematically attending classical music concerts. If the child expresses interest and does not be capricious, dodging the event, it is worth slowly preparing him for the future role of a student of the musician.

Help in choosing a direction.

Naturally, there are too many musical trends, and the parent himself, if he does not have a musical education, can easily get confused in all this diversity. Therefore, before sending your child to the class of music school, you need to consult a specialist. Only he will be able, assessing the age and inclinations of the future student, to determine where to start.

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