Setting up a guitar

How to tune a guitar!

People who have experience of playing the guitar, whether in the company of friends or on stage, know how strongly affects the success of the performance, the correct setting of the instrument.

The easiest way to adjust the guitar can be called, a simple spin of the colos, but there are a lot of conditions, you need a fairly quiet room, in which you will hear perfectly the sound of strings, and a good musical ear should not be forgotten.

It is better not to resort to such methods for beginner musicians. And of course all the musicians who perform know that with the setting of the guitar in the noisy hall before the performance there will be problems, it is in such cases that the tuner will be perfect. Tuner can be used in a variety of ways, program, device or function in the effect processor, anyone can choose the most convenient way. Also do not forget about the tuning fork and the method of setting up the fifth fret, as well as the flaglets (although this method is suitable only for professionals who know what it is) the guitar can also be customized with other musical instruments, for example: synthesizer, piano, flute, and even harmonica. Interesting fact – the long beep of the phone corresponds to the note la.

But there is a method that surpasses all of the above, not least because of the ease of use. This method is based on a program that is installed on an iPhone, iPad or personal computer, and this program requires allowed access to the microphone. One of the best apps of its kind is considered “Cool Guitar Tuner”. You can install this program from the App Store. After that, you will be able to customize your guitar with this program, do not worry the program will do everything, just pull the strings and twist the barbs.

If you’re setting up a guitar this way, you just need to keep an eye on the program’s performance on the display. It will show how much you need to tighten or loosen the string.

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