Musical instruments

Musical instruments!

Music is something that has always happened to a person. With music warriors went on hikes, celebrated holidays, weddings, as well as sad events, such as funerals. Now music surrounds a person literally everywhere. Since it is very popular, there are so many genres and types of music. Accordingly, there are many musical instruments, each of which can be attributed to a certain category.

String instruments are instruments in which sound comes from the oscillation of strings. They, in turn, are divided into several types, despite the partial similarity of the structure – the presence of strings, the number of which can vary depending on the particular instrument. String instruments are divided into types after the way of extracting sound – pinch, bow or blow.

Plucking instruments include instruments such as guitar, balalaika, harp and others. To play on them enough plucks of individual strings with fingers or a special instrument – a plectome.

The most famous percussion instrument of strings is the piano. The sound comes from the impact of a small hammer on the strings. An equally interesting tool of this type is the clavicord. However, the sound here is created in a different way: special devices press the strings to a hard surface, so when you touch they begin to fluctuate, and therefore create sound.
Also partially to this type of instruments can be attributed to some bow instruments on which it is possible to extract sound by a blow on the strings.
Bow instruments include violin, double bass, viola, cello and other instruments, the sounds of which can be extracted with a special instrument – bow. If you lead them along the string, then there is a movement of the string, which means its oscillation and, accordingly, the sound.

There are also string instruments that cannot be classified in a particular category, as their structure allows you to extract sound in completely different ways than presented in previous categories. For example, there is a harp, the sound of which is extracted without touching it, and more specifically – vibrations of air. Or, for example, if the strings are steel, you can play such an instrument with the help of a magnetic field. Surprising, isn’t it? There are also more familiar ways of extracting sound, but the musician has no direct contact with strings (e.g. the same piano).
Like this, even on the example of one category of musical instruments, you can talk about music for hours.

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