Music for man

The impact of music on the human body

Each person has felt the influence of music more than once. Just the memory of any melody gives joy and smile. The ability to play musical instruments gives even more pleasure, through music people can tell more than words.

It is impossible to distinguish only one genre, which would immediately lift the mood. Some prefer soft but pleasant classical compositions, like Bach, Wagner, Mozart, some people like to listen to unobtrusive pop music, and there are those who can not imagine life without meaningful music, energizing, like rock. Preferences depend on the person. There are those that gladly listen to the classics, and then on the whole volume turn on rock, and there are those that do not tolerate this or that direction in music. Mood is also not the last factor in this.

The influence of music on a person can be easily seen in clubs, as well as noisy discos. Under the groovy songs the body seems to itself begins to move to the tact of melody, boredom and bad mood disappear, causing only positive emotions. At the same time, lyrical melodies give a romantic mood and a tinge of sadness. So what is the reason for this human reaction to the combination of different notes?

When listening to a pleasant, favorite song or melody to the nerve endings comes more blood, stimulating the production of a special hormone dopamine – a substance that creates a feeling of joy, happiness, satisfaction. It affects areas of the brain that are responsible for a person’s feelings and desire to act and create.

The same hormone is secreted when a person has eaten a delicious meal, saw something beautiful, read a good book. A kind of generator of happiness.

The influence of music on the human body is absolutely not related to its genre orientation. In any case, the hormone will perform its task, and the person will get a dose of pleasure from the fact that somewhere heard a familiar or favorite melody.

In fact, music is the easiest way to cheer yourself up. Very often it helps to restore peace of mind and find inspiration.

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