Mozart the miracle worker of the 18th century

260 years ago, one of the greatest geniuses of world musical culture Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born. Indeed, in all history we will not find an example of such a startlingly early manifestation of musical genius.

Let us remember that at the age of three he began to learn to play the harpsichord, at six he began triumphant concert tours throughout Europe, astonishing and admiring all who were lucky enough to hear it, and at twelve Mozart became the author of the opera “Imaginary Commoner” as well as many symphonic and chamber compositions.

His genius was universal. Mozart was equally great in opera, symphonic, and chamber-instrumental creativity. And the first in world art he showed life itself in its complexity and drama, the first to recreate a man in all the diversity of his personal feelings. He introduces to the music unprecedented before the contrasts, connecting, mixing tragic and comic, sublime and base, touching and funny. And Mozart said this: “The expression of passions, no matter how wild they may be, should not be harsh, and music, however terrible it may be, should never offend the ear. On the contrary, it must always be music.” In these words Mozart – his “confession of faith” creative credo. His creativity is holistic and harmonious. It is always filled with excitement, passion, life.

That’s from here – such purity and clarity of musical thought, transparency of fabric, wise simplicity of musical forms. “What depth, what courage and what a slenderness!” – said about Mozart Pushkin. And in these words of the great poet – all the essence of Mozart’s art and all our love for him – an incomparable master of music art.

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