Learning to play the guitar

The basics of playing guitar

About guitar in brief
Let me tell you a little bit about this wonderful instrument. I will not delve into the story, as all this you can find on the Internet with ease, opening at least Wikipedia.

In fact, the guitar is quite easy to master instrument. For 2-3 days of hard work you can already learn to play. Some people do it badly, some are good. That’s not the point. You have to understand that you need to “communicate” with the guitar. No, don’t talk, of course! You have to understand how the guitar behaves in a particular situation. In other words, you have to play the guitar, putting your whole soul. Giving yourself everything. If you do not do it, it is unlikely that you will succeed. The guitar is like a woman. She needs care and affection. When you play the guitar, be just careful and you will succeed.

Like I said, the guitar needs care. Before the game and after the game, wipe the dust, check all the fixings and integrity of the guitar. If you do not, over time, your guitar will just become worse to sound and appearance, of course, will spoil. Be sure to remove the instrument in a case or in an isolated room to avoid various temperature and other influences (more concerns acoustic guitars).

Remember only how the band “Kiss” broke guitars on stage. A self-respecting musician would never do that. Well, that’s fine. Kiss are normal guys and their music is good, but that’s not what it is about. Enough philosophy and let’s get straight to the point. We will refer more to an acoustic guitar than to an electric guitar.

General requirements
To learn how to play the guitar, you need to remember a few common requirements that will be of great benefit when mastering the instrument.

1. The first and most important thing is to have the desire to play. It may sound silly, as I used to think when I started learning guitar, but that’s the most important rule when learning a guitar. The desire to study hard is sure to give fruitful results of your works. If you can’t do something, just take a break. Rest, have a cup of tea. You’ll be lying down at last. But do not give up your desire. If the desire disappears, then there is no point in continuing. Playing guitar requires it all the time!

2. The second thing to learn is the health of your fingers at the initial stage of training. Every novice guitarist faces the problem of masochis at his fingertips. More touches the left hand, as it you clamp the strings, creating chords on the neck. Make sure not to get too carried away. Also take a breather and knead your fingers with a mini massage. From my experience I know how it hurts and does not heal very quickly. For our weaker sex, of course, no nails. We’re going to have to sacrifice. Either manicure or playing guitar. But a really strong desire always wins.

The third important rule is a person’s mental state. Is it difficult to learn to play the guitar if you are an unbalanced person and constantly nervous? It’s not going to work. Playing the guitar requires a balanced state and patience. If you are not all right with nerves, in the end you will either drop this case or break the guitar. So before you start learning to play, evaluate the state of your mental properties, and then start learning.

4. And one more, important, rule. Do not drink alcohol when playing the guitar. When you’re intoxicated, you’ll feel like you’re screwed, but it’s not really going to be the case. Perhaps some experienced rockers will not agree with me, but with a sober and sane mind the game turns out to be much more beautiful and better. Well, this point can most likely be attributed to those who have mastered the instrument, but still beginners strongly do not recommend learning to play for a bottle of beer or a glass of tea.

5. And of course the hearing. For a successful guitar playing you will need a sharp ear. There is an opinion that some musicians did not shine with a sharp ear. That’s true. But they are more gifted individuals than self-taught. How to determine your hearing, you ask. You’ve probably been to the lora many times. So here’s a medical card to help 🙂 Just kidding. Yes, everyone should know what his hearing is and draw some conclusions.

Setting up a guitar
I have to upset you here. If you’ve never played a guitar and just picked it up, the setup will be very tight. Ask better friends who know how to tune a guitar. If there are none, a very simple and wonderful program will be useful. The program is called “Camerton” and does not require installation. You can download it here. At one time we set up the guitar on the beep of the handset. Such a hoot gave a note mi. If you set up one note, you can already set up everything else.

The notes go in the next order from the bottom up, that is, from the first to the sixth string: mi (E), si (H), salt (G), re (D), la (A), mi (E). As you can see, the first and sixth strings are identical in name and sound, but only in different octaves.

Once you have set up the first string, the second can be tuned along it, pressing the second string on the fifth fret. If you set up correctly, the sound should be identical, meaning the strings should sound in unison. The same goes for all the other strings, but to adjust the third string on the second, you need to clamp not on the fifth fret but on the fourth. Set up the fourth string again on the fifth and so on. In general, I tune in by ear. That is, nowhere i press anything, just pull the strings and adjust, because I already know how they should sound. You can also check after setting up by stringing the first and sixth strings. The sound on the note should be the same.

For beginners, a small set-up sign:
We set the first string to the tuning fork or other sound “mi.”
The second string is clamped on the fifth fret, and the first one is left open. We driugle at both strings at the same time until you get an identical sound.
The third string is clamped on the fourth fret, and the second is left open. We driugle at both strings at the same time until you get an identical sound.
We clamp the fourth string on the fifth fret, and leave the third one open. We driugle at both strings at the same time until you get an identical sound.
The fifth string is clamped on the fifth fret, and the fourth one is left open. We driugle at both strings at the same time until you get an identical sound.
We clamp the sixth string on the fifth fret, and leave the fifth one open. We driugle at both strings at the same time until you get an identical sound.

So here we come to the most basic. Where to start? The first thing to do is to master a few simple chords. As a rule, the most popular chords are minor and major. That is standard. Usually it’s Am, A, Dm, D, Fm, F and so on. Let’s break out the first “A” chord. It’s called the “La Major” chord. The strings go from left to right. So the first one on the left is the 6th string, which is the top on the guitar and the fattest. The cross means that this string is jammed with the thumb, that is, no sound from it is not made. Dots are our fingers, clamping the strings on the second fret. The numbers above the dots mean the numbers of our fingers, which start with the index.

These are the basic chords you have to learn. Do not climb into various complicated chords with different consoles. You’ll get to them. I will describe more about the chords in my next articles, but for now the main ones.

Busting the strings and fighting the game
String busting is also the basis of the game. The bust allows you to produce music more melodicly. Also, guitar busting is the basis of classical music, where a lot of dynamic notes that vary quickly. You don’t need this method of play yet. It’s more like a fight game. I think we’ve seen a lot of guitarists fight. That is, the hand goes up and down.

Here, frankly, it is difficult to advise something, as the game of combat is a rather individual technique of music making. They also play so-called mediators, but you, again, do not need it yet. Try to play on your own. But do not hit the strings too hard, as you risk to break your fingers to the blood. It happened to me when I wanted the guitar to sound louder. After that, the whole deca was covered in blood, and his fingers were broken. Beat the strings moderately and slowly. Try while simply being led by brush up down.

Training on other people’s songs
Naturally, you will not be able to compose your melodies to your poems yet. There are a lot of websites with texts and chords on the Internet. Choose for all tastes of any song and train on it until you play the chosen song perfectly. Did you win it, remember? Start the next one. Thus, you will not only learn to play, albeit on other people’s songs, but also be able to boast of the familiar fact that you know how to play the guitar.

Over time, you will be able to shoot songs by ear. You won’t need any chords. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. it’s still a long way off. Playing guitar takes time to learn.

So, my little manual about learning to play guitar is coming to an end. Of course this is not enough, but for the basis of the beginning of training the article is complete.

Download text as PDF file.

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