Guitar types

Guitar in all its diversity!

Guitar has long been one of the most popular instruments among musicians both beginner and experienced. It is already difficult for us to imagine sitting with friends by the fire without the sound of a guitar, which creates an indescribable atmosphere of comfort. Also in the circle of various musical groups guitar is often an indispensable instrument.

Types of guitars

So, guitar is a stretchable concept. There are several types of this tool. The most common, and known to almost everyone – is an acoustic guitar. What is the principle of it? Simply put, the strings that the musician pulls make a sound. This sound, getting into the middle, or hollow body, through a special hole resonates and thus amplified. After that, the sound “comes out” of the guitar. This type of guitar sits also different from each other by the mass of features. For example, the shape of the deck (hull), vulture, mechanics, as well as the type of wood from which the tool is made. Even the designs can be different from each other. Most music stores provide a wide range of acoustic guitars of all kinds and configurations.

Another common type of guitar, which is most often used by more sophisticated musicians, is electric guitar. Since its ancestor is acoustics, the principles of their work are similar, but different in some key moments. So, how does the sound in the electric guitar be extracted? When a musician pulls the strings, their sound is picked up by a special guitar microphone called the pickup. It transmits this sound to the amplifier, which accordingly amplifies it, and then a stream of notes and melodies pours out of the speakers. Like acoustics, electric guitars differ from one another, but the principle of their work remains the same. Because the guitar will not function without a special sound amplifier, it is called electric. The advantage of these guitars is that thanks to special effects pedals and processors, the guitarist can modify, or process, the sound he receives. When the pickup absorbs the melody, it sends a signal to this special device. The sound is transformed, and from the speakers to communicate a completely new, unlike the “clean channel” sound. It is thanks to the variety of such “buttons” electric guitar is used in almost all styles of music, which can not be said about acoustic guitar.

Difficult choice

How to choose a guitar for yourself? There are a number of factors to consider when choosing. Because each instrument is different from each other, the first thing to decide for the performance of what style of music it is intended. The quality of a musical instrument is often determined by the manufacturer. Famous brands sometimes cost more just because of their name, but it is not always worth saving on it. Those who have been on the market for decades, and have won a good name, will not produce low-quality goods, and the risk of marriage is much less. It is important that the guitar is not pressed anywhere, it was convenient and pleasant to play. Yes, sometimes I pick up a guitar even in size. The height at which the strings are located should not exceed 2 mm for the electric guitar, and 3.5 mm on the acoustics. In practice, these figures may be higher. Again, this often depends on the firm of the manufacturer. Do not forget that every guitar, even the same manufacturer, is unique and different from all others.

Every day a huge number of guitars are sold all over the world. The popularity of this instrument is steadily growing, and it has already managed to take one of the main places in the world of music.

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