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Improve the sight reading of the bass notes!

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Bass Notes Finder offers you one of the easiest ways to learn how to play the bass guitar. Spending just a few minutes a day you will be able to learn how to read notes using the “Note Explorer” mode.

For more advanced bass guitar training, try the training mode – “Note Trainer”. This app contains a full range of bass guitar notes with real bass guitar sounds for each of them (you can even tune your bass guitar using these sounds!). In the application you can find modes of bass keys, which include recording tones with sharp and flat, letters (A, B, C) and solfeggio (do, re, mi), with the sound level adjustments. A user-friendly interface supports Retina displays.

The note-exploring mode “Note Explorer” will show bass guitar notes and will be useful for both beginners and advanced bass players. Click on the “Find Note” note search button and study the notes on the virtual music sheet by moving the cursor up or down. At the same time, the blue dots on the virtual bass guitar’s griffon will show the location of these notes on the guitar itself. Or you can do everything in exactly the opposite way: just clamp the various fret lengths on the griffon until you find the right note. It will also be displayed on the music sheet. Listen and try different notes and try to remember their location on the griffon of the bass guitar.

If you have already learned a few notes, then try the “Note Trainer” training mode. Start learning by clicking “Training”, then “Start”. Then look at the griffon of the bass guitar. The blue dot on the griffon is a note that you must guess. This exercise has a time limit, it also requires a fairly high speed from you. But the more you train, the better the result! The function “Bass Notes Trainer” will note and evaluate the results after each training session and show your strengths and weaknesses. You can compare your current results with the previous ones, estimate progress in reading and recognizing bass guitar notes, as well as challenge yourself and beat your last personal record!

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