App software “Guitar Notes Finder”

How to find all the notes on the guitar!

A convenient and creative app that will allow you to explore the notes and ways they play them.

When you learn to play an instrument like a guitar, it is very important to know the notes and their positions in the chords.
GuitarNotesFinder is a reliable program that will be a good helper for you in this, by displaying notes and their positions in musical circuits.
The app gives you the opportunity to quickly explore the musical circuits of music sheets and chords. After the mouse is pointed on the sheet of music, a note of the corresponding position and its name is displayed.

Reliable knowledge tester

GuitarNotesFinder can easily help you test your knowledge of music notes and chords. It, illuminating a certain note and providing variants of its name, will allow you to test your memory. Each answer, both correct and not correct, is recorded by the program and ultimately their overall statistics are displayed.
In addition, the app plays every note in its true sound as if it were played by a live guitar. So you can learn to identify and play notes.

Playing a virtual guitar

Let’s sum it up. GuitarNotesFinder is the perfect app for those who want to learn how to play guitar.
Using a virtual teacher is convenient and exciting.

You can download the program here
How the program works and all its possibilities you can see on our channel YouTube

Download text as PDF file.

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