App software “Guitar Chords Lite”

How to find chords on a guitar!

With this easy-to-use app, you can easily learn to play guitar, practice chords, learn theory and compose a piece of music.

GuitarChordsLite is a reliable program designed to help you learn how to play guitar, even if you have absolutely no experience. This application will allow you to learn music theory, get used to the live sound of the guitar and practice playing a musical instrument.

Reliable virtual music teacher

This app will help you in your quest to learn how to play guitar by using musical notes and their schematic image so that you can repeat what you saw on your guitar. In addition, this program demonstrates the correct position of fingers on the vulture when you play a certain note. In addition, the application is quite realistic in playing each music note, which will give you the opportunity to learn to tune the guitar by ear.

Practice sessions with songs

Guitar is a very widely used instrument, which can be played and rock, and pop, and jazz, and folk, and blues. With GuitarChordsLite, learning to play guitar is easy, as it has all the tools you need to practice.
What’s more, you can add some chords to Your Favorites to practice with them later, or create a piece of music.

A short cut from beginner to advanced

With GuitarChordsLite you can learn to play guitar even if you’ve never tried to do so before. This application has both theoretical and practical knowledge, which will help you in the shortest possible time to master such a difficult instrument as a guitar. You can practice with complex music schemes or songs, save and edit them.

You can read Guitar Chords Lite and download it for free here.
Or how the program works you can see on the YouTube channel. Watch our video below.

Download text as PDF file.

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