APP Bass Chords Lite

The app will teach you how to play bass by providing you with sound samples and useful visual guides

Although the bass guitar is not in the spotlight at concerts, it is responsible for the whole song, and you can not do without it when it comes to acoustic music. In addition, it also requires the same amount of practice and dedication as any other type of guitar, so learning yourself is quite difficult.

Learn bass chords
BassChordsLite is a software tool that allows you to quickly master the bass guitar by providing you with visual guides and sound samples so you can see how to play different notes and chords. So you can learn how to keep your hands on the instrument and which strings to yank to extract the necessary notes.
In addition, the app also displays buttons for each note you can play on the guitar, as well as a note sheet on which you can view their order and location. Next to each note there is an image on which you can see how to keep your fingers on the strings so that you can use the knowledge you gained by playing a real instrument.


Make changes to the music sheet and save it as your favorites
In addition, if you want to start writing music, the app also allows you to create music sheets and tablatures and play them at any time. In this way, you can create full-fledged batches from scratch using the buttons provided and the transponing feature introduced to the utility.
When your tablature is complete, you can keep it on your favorites list and play it whenever you want by selecting it from the list. Unfortunately, you can’t export an audio file to your computer, so you need to use the app every time you want to listen to it.
You can find out more about the program HERE.

Simple and intuitive teacher
With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, BassChordsLite is a handy app that provides the opportunity to learn how to play bass, because it has a full set of audio samples and visual guides for every chord.

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