APP 120 Bass Chords

A program that will help you master bass chords so you can easily perform your favorite songs.

For some users, playing guitar can be more than just a pastime, as it can also be used to make a living.
Regardless of the purpose (entertainment or work), if you want to improve your skills and learn to play bass a mass of other songs, you can take advantage of 120BassChords.

A simple graphical interface to study guitar chords
The app will please you with its intuitive graphic allotment (GUI), so even users with a narrow knowledge of the PC will be able to easily cope with it, especially when you consider the instructions on the screen that are displayed at the start Application.


You need to start by selecting the chords that interest you and then listen to them with one click. The app also includes a detailed image illustrating the correct position of the hand to extract each chord (you can drag the chord image to any of your editors).

Create your tablature and save it for later use
Using only the mouse, you can select a few chords and add them to the tablature to create a melody – you can change the order of the elements by tugbying them until you reach the desired result.
You can keep your current tablature in your favorites and then create a new one. You can go to the appropriate menu and open one of the tablatures whenever you want. In addition, you can also download a sample of the melody that will help you get started with the bass chords.
You can find out more about the program HERE.

A universal app to learn bass chords
In general, 120BassChords can be a useful app for those who want to expand their repertoire with new songs, but are not sure about the correctness of the chords.
Thanks to this utility, they can learn new bass chords, as well as listen to the already known, and create complex tablatures, with a minimum of effort.

Watch video tutorials on using 120 Bass Chords on YouTube!

Download text as PDF file.

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