A competent choice of synthesizer

How to choose and buy a synthesizer?

It is safe to say that the most popular and popular musical instrument is a synthesizer, without which no disco and recording studio, instrumental group or creator of modern music can do without. Often the owners of synthesizers are not only professionals, but also fans to play on this unique electronic device, which is able to reproduce the sound of almost any musical instrument.

Everyone chooses the right synthesizer for himself, based on the tasks, priorities and financial possibilities. It should be kept in mind that a model of the tool has a clear purpose and is not universal. To create music you need some devices, for performances – others, for fans of music and entertainment – third, for training – the fourth.

Specialty stores and websites offer hundreds of models of synthesizers, both well-known and not very popular manufacturers. They can be brand new, but often have to deal with used tools. The spread of prices for synthesizers of different brands can be not only dozens, but also hundreds of times. In order not to get into trouble, it is desirable to attract for the choice and purchase of a good specialist. If there is none among your friends and relatives, then invite at least an experienced person. Then you will protect yourself from resellers and outspoken scammers who try to rip off incompetent people as much money as possible for the simplest and most unpopular models.

To determine the competitiveness of different offers, compare several models by price. For example, the new Yamaha P-105 on some sites that deliver from abroad is sold for 20-30 thousand. ruble, and in Russia it can be bought for 40-50 thousand. rub. Can you trust online shopping? The answer is simple: ask to provide you with the exact price of delivery from abroad to your address and the cost of insurance for this shipment. When you have all the numbers in front of your eyes, you will be able to determine whether to believe the prices that are in online stores under each position. For those who do not know, we can report that the cost of delivery from countries such as the U.S. and Canada, for example, especially if the parcel will go as an oversized, can equal the price of the instrument itself. Therefore, before making an order, carefully calculate everything.

The same simple calculations can be done for such popular tools as Casio PX-350M and Akai MPK88, especially since here you too will see a decent difference in price. You can compare the full cost and other models to see if it makes sense to buy the necessary synthesizer in the online store. For some, overpayment of 10 thousand is not a problem, but if you buy a device worth several hundred thousand or half a million rubles, it turns out “a completely different difference.” For example, for Korg Kronos X-88 it can be 30-50 thousand, which means for beginner musicians the inability to purchase any additional musical equipment for the stage. So, don’t rush to shop blindly.

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