Chords for beginners

Are you afraid that it is difficult? Or maybe after a couple of sessions you have lost confidence in the sucess of learning?

This is the solution! Learning to play the guitar from scratch has never been so easy as it is now and the app "120GuitarChords" will prove it to you!

Music as an energizing method

Any person has the capability of utilizing music as an energizing method.

Since the moment when humanity came up with music, they used it to serve their everyday needs.

Guitar tabs

It should also be noted that performing a composition using the tablature for a guitar is very difficult, especially with rapid playing.

It is in this situation that your fingers have to fun on the fretboard with amazing speed.

Ukulele is an interesting instrument

Ukulele is an unusual and an interesting musical instrument.

People often associate it with Hawaiian music, but currently it is widely used for playing in any style of music.

Hawaiian ukulele

There are several stories about how ukulele got its name.

According to the most popular one, it is called a “jumping flea” in Hawaiian, because the player’s fingers moved as fast as that little bug. Another story attributes the ukulele name to Edward William Purvis, an Englishman and one of the officers in Hawaiian king David Kalakaua’s court, who had the same nickname because of his short stature and fidgety manner,