Tray Player Lite press release


Tray Player Lite. Tiny player, big tunes!

Neonway, a mobile app developing company based in Darmstadt, Germany, will release Tray Player Lite on (13.05.2017) on Mac AppStore. ( This is a free app that allows users to play audio files on their computer. Tray Player Lite quickly sorts through the files that the users Drag & Drop into the app, and plays only the files that contain audio.

Tray Player Lite:
– supports multiple audio formats, such as MP3, m4a, wav, aiff, caf, mp4, mp2, mp1, aac, au, m4r;
– displays the name of the track currently playing;
– allows users to skip to the exact spot in a track;
– has 3 play modes: in order, loop and shuffle;
– offers space for up to 10 tracks;
– is easy to use, with controls resembling those of a hand-held MP3 player.
– Has 3 Drag & Drop locations: the app window, the app icon in the status menu, and the app icon in the dock.


For more information about Tray Player Lite, please watch our YouTube video and please read the complete app description at (

If you have any questions, please contact Max Schlee at

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