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The strongest PNG Lossy Compression algorithm available!

The main purpose of the “mini PNG” tool is to decrease the size of PNG images to save you a lot of space. Use this tool to compress your PNG files, so that they take up a lot less space in your apps, on your websites, in your emails, on your USB drives, etc.
“mini PNG” Features:
– The strongest PNG Lossy Compression algorithm available. Over 80% of PNG data can be reduced.
– Drag & Drop PNG images and folders into the app window. Use as many as you want!
– An option to preserve the original structure of files and folders, as well as copying images, texts and other non-PNG files.
– You can preview all dropped PNG files before and after compression using the embedded viewer.
– During the compression process, the tool displays the amount of space saved, the number of files and other useful information.
– Batch conversion support.
– Compression of high resolution images.
– A special optimization path for grayscale images.
– You can change the destination for your compressed PNG files.
– After the comression is complete, the tool notifies you and displays the destination folder.
– And much more.
Try our lite version of miniPNG Lite!

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  1. Valeria Acevedo

    Bought this and really hurt my work, almost lost a client because I trusted this tool.
    I trusted on keeping the quality but made all my pngs really pixelated, and slightly color distorted.
    You can see the difference between an uncompressed png and pngs compressed with this tool from a very long distance.

    • The “mini PNG” implements the “Lossy Compression” algorithm (see the description in App Store and on this web page). This is compromise between image size and image quality like JPEG. You can read more information about “Lossy Compression” on wikipedia:

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