Image 2 HTML Lite

Picture embedding tool for web site

Did your pictures ever get “invisible” when you tried to e-mail them in HTML?
How about company logos, your ads, your personalised background or social network icons? What a hassle!

Not any more! Image2HtmlLite will embed your image directly into an HTML file. You don’t have to link to an external file, and those images can be even viewed offline – no Internet connection necessary!

You can determine your image CSS, XML, XHTML and BASE64 and file size, adjust its brightness and contrasts, select the right format for your embedded image (jpeg, png) and preview the compression artefacts as you go. Preview your image in web browser, Copy and Paste created content in any editor, or Save it as a file.

But wait, there is more! Image2HtmlLite can also convert your images into CSS, XML, XHTML and BASE64 formats!

Let us make your life easier with our Image2HtmlLite!

The full version of Image 2 HTML is here.

  • Picture_embedding_tool_for_website2

Download text as PDF file.

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  1. kojo

    Sir, your video is not too clear with the instructions. I found your app when I was searching for a solution after exporting my designs as email marketing template. when I imported the design using directMail for Mac and sent to my customer he told me the images where missing. so how do I open the entire index and embed the pictures and logos? Thanks

    • Dear Kojo, the HTML file, which you generate with “Image 2 HTML” has the image inside the file. You can check it using any browser. If the directMail or any other tool does the change to this file, than we can help you.

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